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From the Ranch: Fall 2017 News

Sitting down to write this fall newsletter it is mid-September and summer is coming to an end. We had a great start this summer, lots of fall moisture last year and some early spring rains, the start of a very good grass crop. However in mid-June it got hot and the rains stopped. We are still waiting for the fall rains to start. Sounds like the end of September things might change. Let's hope!

Most of the video sales are over now and shipping will be starting soon. I attended or watched most of the sales this summer. It looked to me like the market was 6 to 10% up from last year, not a huge increase but at least it's going in the right direction.

As for the family both kids are doing great. Travis is still in the military and is living in Gulfport Mississippi with his new bride of 6 months. Leigh Ann is a great young lady and they make a great young couple. Melana and Jeremy are also doing very well. Jeremy is still working at the Stillwater mine and Melana is still working as an RN at ST Vincent's. We are up to 3 grandsons now with the birth of Teagan Ray Walston born on May 8th. Ryder & Beckam are growing like weeds and love to come up and spend time at the ranch and we love having them.

We've got most of the bull calves weaned by now and they are doing great. The dry grass must have had some kick to it because the bulls have come in heavy – lots of 7 to 8 hundred pound 205 day weights and even a couple of 900 pounders this year. The sale bulls have been picked and are in their pens where they will stay the rest of their time with us.

Sires of this year's sale bulls are some of the top performing sires in the Angus breed. SAV Resource 1441 has been one of the most popular sires we have used for a long time. We will be offering 50 sons of Resource in the fall sale. There are 4 other new performance sires represented in this year's sale. Basin Payweight 1682 has been around for a while but is a new sire for us. His sons have been sale toppers and crowd favorites for the last few years. He has one of our top sire groups. Cowboy Up, Traction and our own Super Duty are also in this year's lineup. All three of these bulls are siring long, thick, heavy muscled bulls that have a lot of depth of body and stand good on their feet and legs. The low birth weight bulls are out of sires with familiar names. Black Granite, Aviator, Capitalist and Rampage have done a great job for us on our heifers offering low birth with lots of growth. We will be introducing 2 new low birth weight bulls this year. Guinness and Comrade sired small calves that were born with lots of vigor at birth. If you're looking for heifer bulls be sure to look at sons of these 2 sires.

The commercial heifers that will be in this year's sale are looking great. We ultra-sounded them in August and had a very good breed up. They were AI'd to one of the top calving ease sires in the breed Connelly Comrade 1385. They will start calving around the 15th of February. 45 of these heifers will be F1 cross heifers off of the Flatwillow Ranch. All of these heifers should make a great set of cows.

Also I would like to let you know that we will be selling a small but select group of females in 2 different sales this fall. In the NILE female sale we put in a 1682 heifer calf out of our 803 cow, the full sister to Onward. She is easily the best female we've put in the NILE sale and should make a great donor cow someday. In the Stars of Montana sale we have put in one heifer calf and 5 bred heifers. The bred heifers are right off the top of our replacement heifers. They are all carrying AI calves by Diamond in the Rough and Aviator. These heifers are going to make a great set of cows. The heifer calf in the Stars of Montana Sale is a daughter of our own Super Duty bull. She was our pick of all the Super Duty heifer calves and should have a great future in front of her. Both the NILE Female Sale and the Stars of Montana are October 21st in Billings. If you have any questions or would like a catalog for either of these sales, just give me a call.

As always, I would like to thank all of you for considering us and letting us be a part of your program! I look forward to visiting with you this fall and seeing how your year has gone. We will continue to work hard to produce the type of cattle that meet and exceed your expectations.

Thanks again,
Tim & Kris Todd



She sells at the Northern International Livestock Exposition Sale, October 21st, Billings MT.

  • Reg #18770078
  • BW: 72, 205 wt.: 698, (ET).
  • Dam's Production: 3 BR 96, 3 NR 103, 2 YR 106. She posts 24 IMF 102. She is not only a featured donor at Green Mountain Angus Ranch. She is a full sister to the Renowned Pathfinder performance sire, Connealy Onward.
  • A maternal brother by Rampage sold for $18,000 to Joseph Angus Ranch, SD in the 2016 GMAR sale. His maternal brother by Resource sold as the Lot 3 feature in the 2015 Green Mountain sale to Wilson Angus, ND.
  • Three maternal brothers by Game Day sold in 2013 sale to Deep Creek Angus Ranch, SD at $11,000, MTR Cattle Co., WY at $9,000 and $9,500 to Bauer Land and Livestock, WY.
  • A Game Day maternal sister sold in the 2013 NILE for $5,250 to Weller Angus, SD where she is now a Donor cow. Another maternal sister by Active Duty sold for $12,000 in the 2015 NILE to Linz Heritage Angus, IN.
  • Single digit superior genomic scores for WW, YW, CEM, CW and Tenderness.
  • Basin Payweight 1682 is the high demand/limited supply sire at ORIgen and ABS. He is a breed changer for volume, capacity and fleshing ability.



More info on the NILE Stock Show & Rodeo:



Stars of Montana Sale

5:00 pm, October 21, 2017 @ Billings Livestock, Billings MT

We have 6 females in the Stars of Montana Sale.

  • Lot 9 GMAR Comrade D761
  • Lot 10 GMAR Rampage D200
  • Lot 11 GMAR Resource D150
  • Lot 12 GMAR Resource D088
  • Lot 13 GMAR Motive D056
  • Lot 14 GMAR Super Duty E024


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The Sale Catalog is now available! Visit our Sale Page to view online.


These Bulls sell in the 2017 Fall Production Sale:

  • Lot 2 GMAR RESOURCE E169
  • Lot 8 GMAR SUPER DUTY E106
  • Lot 10 GMAR TITAN E062
  • Lot 11 GMAR RESOURCE E033
  • Lot 14 GMAR RESOURCE E182
  • Lot 15 GMAR RESOURCE E044



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