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Green Mountain Angus Herd Sires

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R B Active Duty 010

Reg #16718300

Powerful Growth & Eye Appeal


Acceleration from birth to weaning may be redefined with Active Duty. He offers big sperad roots from a performance based family tree and Active Duty is the highest accuracy sire from America's premier test station winning Lady cow family.


Active Duty has the power, stature, eye appeal and thickness with the kind of capacity demanded by cowmen today.

Confidence - GMAR Herd Sire

Connealy Confidence

Reg #16761499

Calving Ease & Carcass


Confidence was the high selling bull in the 2011 Connealy Sale.


With his +19 for CED and nearly $80 $B, he is one of the most unique bulls in the Angus industry.


His blend of style, calving ease, and carcass numbers make him a top choice many cattle breeders.


Mohnen Impressive 1093

Reg #17532083

Volume, Muscle & Style


Impressive has the look of a real breeding bull that will make a lasting contribution. He is clean fronted, long made, good footed, with muscle and true Angus breed character with enough volume and muscle to be a cow maker.


His Pathfinder dam is unreal in terms of body depth, broodiness and is good uddered. On of the most influential donors ever at Mohnen Angus.

VAR Reserve - GMAR Herd Sire

V A R Reserve 1111

Reg #16916944

Low Birth & Added Muscle


Reserve's overall EPD combination, strong cow family and mating flexibility have made him a “must see” young bull in the breed.


A lower birth weight bull whose first calf crop earned him favorable progeny reports


He is moderate framed with added muscle and a high docility ranking

SAV Resource - GMAR Herdsire

S A V Resource 1441

Reg #17016597

Docility & Fleshing Ability


One of the breed's leading high docility sires; Resource is a highly sought aftter genetic masterpiece backed by the timeless Jorgenson Rito heritage and one of the most productive SAV cow families.


He brings to the table the basics of efficiency and real world fleshing ability with muscle, masculinity, superior feet quality and authentic breed character.


KG High Regard 2073

Reg #17399875

Outstanding Phenotype with Muscle


Outstanding phenotype combined with a different pedigree.


High Regard was the high selling bull at the 2013 KG Ranch Production Sale.


He is very long, clean sheathed, and has an excellent hip structure.


He had an actual rib eye of 15in, adjusted was 14.3. He ranks in the top 1% for $W, top 4% CED.

Soo Line Motive - GMAR Herd Sire

Soo Line Motive 9016

Reg #16568189

Low Birth & Tremendous Eye Appeal


Low birth, unmatched character and eye appeal. Motive was the top selling lot in the 2010 Bases Loaded Sale and was the lead member of the 2010 NWSS Champion Pen of Three Bulls.


Impressive in his phenotype, muscle expression, muscle capacity and he is unmatched in his character and eye appeal. He is proving to be a low birth weight, calving ease bull along with a solid EPD profile.


Baldridge Waylon W34

Reg #16476949

Moderate Frame, Muscle & Docility


Waylon is siring performance in a moderate-framed, easy-fleshing package with scrotal and docility.


With Waylon's pedigree he offers mating flexibility on many bloodlines.


His individual rib eye scanned 14.8. His semen is in high demand.

Connealy Impression

Connealy Impression

Reg #15543702

Proven Calving Ease Specialist


Outstanding birth to yearling spread with strong carcass merit and overall beef value


Dynamic Sire Alliance data, ranking #1 for Maternal Index, and in the top 10% for Total Profit and in the top 3% for Tenderness


Ranks in the top 5% for $W Index with highly productive, deep ribbed feminine daughters

Musgrave Foundation - Green Mountain Angus Herd Sire

Musgrave Foundation

Reg #17095762

Powerful Muscle and Eye Appeal


A favorite of all who have seen him, this bull was the talk of 2012.


Impressively powerful and massive with eye appeal the breed is striving to improve.


His unique pedigree blends two of the most popular A.I. sires in recent years.

EXAR Significant 1769B - Green Mountain Angus Herd Sire

EXAR Significant 1769B

Reg #16884386

Stunning Growth and Style


The popularity of this Consensus son attracted a group of the industry's most prestigious owners.


His dam is a stunning full sister to Upward; prolific embryo and progeny producer.


One of the most heavily used young sires in 2012.



Connealy Black Granite

Reg #17028963

Calving Ease, Muscle & Docility


Progeny are showing impressive muscle patterns early in their development.


Calves are thick topped, big hipped and carry tremendous carcassmerit.


His calm demeanor is being passed on to his progeny; he as an individual, is as quiet as they come.


Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36

Reg #16925771

Muscle, Growth & Performance


Breed leader for $B index with top 1% $W and $F.


Powerfully constructed, heavy muscled, masculine Daybreak son with incredible growth and performance.


Progeny are dominating both the non-parent $B lists and the early fall 2016 sale season.


Backed by one of the most impressive cow families in the breed today.


Connealy Comrade 1385

Reg #17031465

Low Birth, High Growth & Style


Consistently sires low birth, attractive cattle that grow rapidly.


A high Docility sire who ranks in the top of the Angus breed for Marbling.


His first daughters in production have nice udders and are quickly labeled “the keeping kind”.


All time single years record selling sire for Select Sires.


Connealy Capitalist 028

Reg #16752262

Thickness, Calving Ease & Cowmaker


Unmatched in his ability to transmit mass and body width with as much visual muscle as you can ask for.


King of the cowmakers, his daughters have perfect udders and raise heavy calves.


A proven Calving Ease sire who does not disappoint in terms of siring muscle and performance--a rare combination.



The Guarantee

Green Mountain Angus Ranch guarantees all bulls selling against injury that keeps the bull(s) from being a breeder for the first breeding season. Breeding season is defined as the 90 day period following the first time the bull(s) are turned out. If a replacement bull is available, he will be provided, or if a buyer prefers, credit toward a bull will be given in the following year's sale, less salvage value of the injured bull.


Volume Discounts

We offer volume discounts according to the number of bulls you purchase. Purchase 5 or more bulls and receive a 5% discount. Purchase 10 or more bulls and receive a 10% discount.


Free Wintering

We will keep the bulls until March, semen test them and deliver them at no cost to you. The 2-year-old bulls will be semen tested prior to sale day and wintered at no cost.


Free Delivery

We will deliver your bull purchases free of charge to your ranch. The heifers will be delivered at cost.


Performance Tested

100% of the yearling bulls in the sale are a product of AI or embryo transplant. We feed at the ranch and all weights and ultrasound data collected are processed at the American Angus Assn. for the most current EPD's and ratios.


Tagging System

We take the guess work out of picking your heifer bulls by tagging the calving ease bulls with white ear tags. The cow bulls are tagged with green ear tags.


Inspection of Cattle

Cattle will be available for inspection at the ranch any time.



Pyramid 5 + Presponse - Vision 7 Somnua at branding and weaning & Dextronmax injectable at weaning. Bulls will have two rounds of Fusogard (foot rot vaccine) before spring delivery.


HD 50K Testing

Green Mountain chose to test all yearling bulls through the HD 50K test in order to get more dependable genetic information for 14 important and valuable traits. Results will be in the form of GE-EPDs and HD 50K for Angus percentile ranks. HD 50K for Angus is the beef industry’s first and only high-density DNA panel to identify more than 50,000 DNA markers for each tested animal.



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